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Expand Customer Reach

Expand your content distribution, customer acquisition, user engagement, and precision ad-targeting with Strimz Platform.
Strimz enable content partners to provide seamless content delivery in crowded places.

Why Strimz

Strimz gives your customers freedom to choose hundreds of movies/shows On-Demand even in offline mode with a seamless viewing experience. It is easy to scale and harness delivery

How does Strimz benefit your business

Customer Engagement

Strimz not only helps you acquire new customers, it also creates very high customer engagement rates.

Edge Content

Availability of your content at edge clubbed with multi user support functionality reduces strain network resources and bring down cost of serving customers.


It allows you to serve, monitor and analyse various rich media messaging to your customers with precise targeting.

Customer Experience

High quality 4K content can be delivered with zero buffering in no network zones e.g. in-flight, trains, buses, cruise ships and remote places