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We're a family that loves to have fun

We are a young, dynamic and agile technology company which is headquartered at Mumbai. Our vision is to make digital content available for everyone, everywhere.

We are striving to achieve this through a unique technology that brings our customers, content providers, and users onto a single platform called “Strimz”

Our Mission

We are working with bus/cab operators, cafes, hotels, education companies and several content providers to bring the relevant content together for their customers. In our pursuit of making this happen, we are supported by a great team that is working across various segments like travel, hospitality, restaurants and commercial spaces.

Our Vission

Our vision is to make the best of the digital content available to everyone, everywhere. This comes from our belief that the internet should not be a barrier in delivering high quality content to its users. Strimz is a first step in this journey and we are constantly innovating our products to reach millions of customers in the coming years to fulfill our vision.

How it Works

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